The future of long-lasting relief: Lasting Effect Buccal Extended Release Drug Delivery System

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We are a consumer driven, pharma company, devoted to research and development of beneficial products based on our novel Buccal Extended Release Drug Delivery System.

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Buccal extended release drug delivery system. The drug delivery system enables topical effect or systemic absorption of wide range of active ingredients through transmucosal route, high metabolism and offers a greater bioavailability, while maintaining user’s compliance during both wakefulness and sleeping hours.

Gingivitis treatment tablet with CBD

We successfully in vitro tested our tablet, loaded with CBD on Gingivitis (severe gum inflammation) causing bacteria. 

The most significant finding was that the CBD loaded tablet, inhibit 93-96% of Gingival bacteria.


  • The main way of Parkinson’s disease treatment is L-DOPA, which provides dopamine to the brain in order to overcome the dopamine deficiency that occurs in Parkinson’s disease
  • Currently, continuous dopaminergic stimulation is achieved by delivering L-DOPA, using a device called Duodopa, which is invasive and inconvenient to the patient.
  • To improve the treatment of late motor complications in Parkinson’s disease, Lasting Effect is developing a unique formulation of antiparkinsonian drugs, which is loaded into the tablet and releases continuously the APIs in the oral cavity, enabling to provide a continuous dopaminergic stimulation.

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