The future of long-lasting relief: Lasting Effect Buccal Extended-Release Delivery System

Lasting Effect Consumer Pharma

We are a consumer driven, pharma company, devoted to research and development of beneficial products based on our novel Buccal Extended Release Drug Delivery System.

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Buccal and Transmucosal delivery Technology

  • Delivering drugs topically (locally) / systemically through the oral mucosa.
  • Many advantages compered to Oral Trans digestive delivery.
  • Facilitates population with Dysphagia / salivation problems. 
  • The main challenge with Buccal delivery is low compliance due to administration difficulties.

First product -Gingivitis treatment buccal extended release tablet

After extensive testing for the API that gives the best results, Lasting Effect developed an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial API. We successfully in vitro tested our tablet on Gingivitis causing bacteria. Our buccal tablet inhibited 93-96% of Gingival bacteria.


  • Parkinson’s symptoms arise from dopamine declines and affect patients in late stage of Parkinson disease.

  • The current solution for late-stage Parkinson motor complications: An invasive device/pump for continuous and prolonged delivery of L-DOPA and Carbidopa to a Parkinson’s patient with the goal to receive continuous dopaminergic stimulation.

  • Our solution: Buccal extended-release tablet loaded with our researched API for continuous dopamine secretion.

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