What is Buccal Delivery ?

  • Buccal and Transmucosal delivery intended for delivering drugs topically (locally) or systemically through the oral mucosa.
  • Buccal delivery market size: 3.88 billion USD
  • Annual market growth: 9.8%
  • Current major Indications: Pain Management, Smoking Cessation, Angina Pectoris, Cough

Attributes and Advantages

Why buccal delivery ?


  • Good bioavailability compared to oral administration
  • Avoiding first pass metabolism
  • Quick effect
  • Significant reduction in API dosage
  • Neutral PH
  • Facilitates population with Dysphagia / salivation problems


  • Limited absorption surface
  • Suitable only for small molecules
  • Bitter taste masking of API
  • Dissolution of hydrophilic and hydrophilic materials in saliva
  • Low compliance due to administration difficulties
  • Extended-release mechanism
  • Prolonged adhesion

Lasting Effect Buccal Tablet

Attributes and advantages

Tablet mechanism

Dissolution curve

Mechanism of Usage

Lasting Effect Buccal Technology

Core Technology Advantages